About Us

Log Home Products North America is geared towards providing you with quality products along with product knowledge. We aim to supply you with the tools needed to maintain and preserve your home. Our expert adviser has years of experience in log home restoration and repair.

Why we sell Sashco Products

Since 1936 Sashco has perfected high-performance products to restore, maintain and preserve log homes. Sashco offers all the products necessary for your log home projects. Log Home Products North America (LHPNA) provides you with Sashco tools to strip your home of old possibly stain to bring the wood back to its natural state. We also have wood cleaning products and rot prevention treatments available. We offer you specialized interior and exterior stain ranging in colors to suit your style. Sashco stain has many benefits, it will soak into the log which still allows the wood to breath while being protected resulting in further coats for years to come without the initial cost of stripping the wood. This stain will be less likely to peel and crack like other stain products that basically becomes a shell over the log not allowing the wood to breath and expel moisture this is where constant and expensive stripping of the wood occurs.

Finally our products for sealing up your home include wood caulking and chinking which also range in a variety of colors to complement your stain. The uniquely formulated caulking and chinking products expand and contract as your logs do. It is a sealant that adheres to the wood creating a tight yet flexible seal that won’t allow cracks preventing air, moisture and insects to penetrate the log. LHPNA is your one stop shop for all Sashco log home supplies.